The Best Medicinal Mushrooms For Cancer

mushrooms in sunlight

Who would have thought fungi could be medicinal? God must have known we’d need mushrooms for their therapeutic properties. Mushrooms are used in alternative cancer protocols to stimulate the immune system, nourish the body, and detoxify the cells and tissues. The healing properties of medicinal mushrooms for cancer are pretty … Read more

5 Ways To Make Self Care A Priority

Make Self Care A Priority - Graphic

Is self care on your radar or are you in survival mode? Many of us today can barely find the time to pay the bills and feed the kids, let alone take time to nourish ourselves both physically and emotionally. When did we get so busy and frazzled that our … Read more

The 4 Stages Of Cancer

The 4 Stages of Cancer - Graphic

We’ve all heard about the stages of cancer at one time or another, particularly stage 4, which instills fear and terror. What are the 4 stages of cancer, and why are cancers classified in stages? Staging helps doctors determine the nature of the cancer, such as where it is located, … Read more

10 Facts About Breast Cancer Every Woman Needs To Know

facts about breast cancer graphic

The words “breast cancer” instill fear and terror in anyone receiving this dreaded diagnosis. It’s important to understand the different types, stages, and grades of breast cancer, with some forms being less aggressive than others. In today’s post, I’ll be breaking down the various types of breast cancer in terms … Read more

10 Tips For Healthy Hair All Year Long

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Who hasn’t had a bad hair day? I know I have, and nothing is right with the world on that unfortunate day. I guess it’s not reasonable to expect perfect hair every day. Sigh! There are things within our control to ensure that our bad hair days happen less frequently, … Read more

What Is Laetrile?


What Is Laetrile? How about B17? And Amygdalin? It can be confusing. Laetrile has been used since the 1950s, as an alternative cancer treatment, with great success. Does it cure cancer? No, but it does fight the disease by targeting and killing cancer cells. It also fortifies the immune system, … Read more

The Best Broccoli Salad Recipe Ever

broccoli salad

Summer’s here and that means pool parties, lazy days at the lake, weekend barbecues or just leisurely hanging with friends. What’s a party without food? Stay tuned for the best broccoli salad recipe ever, the perfect addition for any occasion. It’s chock full of crisp, antioxidant-rich goodness, and the vibrant … Read more

Retroviruses And Their Correlation To Cancer

Retroviruses - Green Viruses

Human endogenous retroviruses, abbreviated HERVs, have persisted for millions of years to infect the human genome. Approximately 8% of the genome is comprised of HERVs, the majority of which are nonfunctional due to deactivated mutations or epigenetic control factors. There is a correlation between retroviruses and cancerous tumors, including breast … Read more

Low Dose Naltrexone Therapy [Can It Treat Cancer?]

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Naltrexone is an FDA-approved drug to treat heroin and opiate addiction. Used in low doses, and off-label, it is now being used to treat a variety of conditions, ranging from multiple sclerosis, AIDs, Alzheimer’s, and Crohn’s disease. Low dose naltrexone therapy is also used to treat cancer. What Is Naltrexone? … Read more

Melatonin, Sleep And Cancer

picture of woman sleeping

Deep, restful sleep is essential for healthy immune function. It’s a foundational pillar of health, and is just as important as getting adequate nutrition, and exercising consistently. Sleep is absolutely vital for hormonal balance, keeping inflammation in check, and reducing stress levels. Melatonin is the hormone responsible for sound sleep. … Read more

Mycotoxins And Cancer


Fungus creates mycotoxins, toxic compounds that can cause a host of ill effects in the body, including immune deficiencies and cancer. These toxins produced by mold grow on common food sources, such as grains, coffee beans, and dried fruit.  In this post, I’ll be sharing facts about mycotoxins and cancer … Read more

5 Benefits Of Curcumin For Treating Cancer

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The goal of any alternative cancer therapy is to fortify the body to function optimally in order to prevent cancer and deal with cancer that is already present. The reason cancer is able to develop in the first place is due to the body’s inability to destroy malignant cells faster … Read more

The mTOR Pathway, Tumors And Cancer

The mTOR Pathway, Tumor, And Cancer - Graphic

The mTOR pathway, or mechanistic target of rapamycin, is a protein kinase that plays a vital role in mammalian physiology by regulating energy and immunity, protein synthesis, and metabolism. Activation of this pathway has been found to promote tumor growth and metastasis, whereas an inhibition decreases cell proliferation, which is … Read more

The Best Cancer Fighting Supplements

supplements in different colors and shapes

Narrowing down your supplement choices can be mind-boggling. Not only are there thousands of supplement types, there are hundreds of brands you also need to navigate. Once you’ve landed on a specific supplement and brand, you’ll then have to decide whether to buy capsules, tinctures, or powders. The whole affair … Read more

What Are The Symptoms Of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome?

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PCOS is the acronym for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, a hormonal disorder that affects women in their reproductive years. In fact, up to 10% of women in the United States suffer with this frustrating condition, which makes weight loss difficult and can result in infertility. PCOS presents differently in  everyone, making … Read more

DIY Vapor Rub Recipe For Colds & Coughs

DIY Vapor Rub Recipe - Graphic

  If I had to pick the most annoying health affliction, it would be a cough. Since coughs are viral, aside from suppressing them with prescription medications that contain dextromethorphan, there’s not much you can do except exercise relief-care. That’s where a DIY vapor rub can come in mighty handy, … Read more

How To Get A RIPPED Body By Summer

How To Get A Ripped Body By Summer - Woman In Red Bikini

Are you stressed about summer and all those vacations you’ve got planned because you don’t like how you look in a swimsuit? You’re not alone, women the world over (and men too) are bemoaning the fact that they don’t like what they see in the mirror. It’s high time to … Read more

The Coronavirus And SNAKES [What’s The Connection?]

Coronavirus And Snakes - Red Cruise Ship

The coronavirus is making waves in the headlines and with good reason. It’s led to quarantines, including an entire cruise ship, travel bans, and cities on lock down. The virus has spread to over 30 countries with the death toll approaching 3,000 people. The Chinese even had a hospital built … Read more

The Best Propane Fire Pits

fire from fire pit

Summer is here and with it the hustle and bustle of outdoor barbecues, pool parties, and family reunions. Make these fun occasions even more special with the coziness of an outdoor fire pit. Who doesn’t love the mesmerizing and spellbinding ambience of a fiery flame complete with roasted marshmallows and … Read more