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Retroviruses - Green Viruses
Human endogenous retroviruses, abbreviated HERVs, have persisted for millions of years to infect the human genome. Approximately 8% of the
fat people walking
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is becoming increasingly more common, especially in western countries. An accumulation of fat in the liver
white pills on orange background
Naltrexone is an FDA-approved drug to treat heroin and opiate addiction. Used in low doses, and off-label, it is now
the word
A cancer coach is someone who walks alongside a person with cancer to support and advocate for them every step
Oregon grape shrub
Obesity is epidemic in today's society and is a significant public health threat. You don't have to look far to
picture of woman sleeping
Deep, restful sleep is essential for healthy immune function. It's a foundational pillar of health, and is just as important