Metabolic Typing For Better Health

Metabolic Typing For Better Health

Those of us who practice Metabolic Typing adhere to the fact  that each of us is metabolically unique, and, therefore, require a diet that meets those needs in terms of the macro and micronutrients. This explains why some people thrive on certain diets while others are negatively affected.  A one-size-fits-all diet does not exist because of our genetic differences.

Homeostatic mechanisms within the body determine how nutrients are processed. Two big players are the oxidative and the autonomic nervous systems. The goal is to determine which diet best balances these two control systems, which then, directly affect the other homeostatic control systems within the body.

You can learn more by watching the video below.

Do you suffer from any of the symptoms below?


inability to lose weight


digestive problems


low energy

lack of motivation

hormonal imbalances




If so, you could benefit from a customized eating plan that answers the universal question: “What should I eat?”

Another important question is: “And what foods shouldn’t I eat?” When you have the Answers To These Questions you can take your health to an entirely new level, not to mention, taking the guesswork out of “What’s for dinner?”

 The purpose of a  properly implemented Metabolic Typing Program is to:

Achieve Biochemical Balance

Maximize Metabolic Efficiency

Restore Function

Produce Peak Performance

Obtain Optimal Health

Realize Full Genetic Potential

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