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My Story

My desire to become a holistic cancer coach and health practitioner came after experiencing my own health crisis due to complications during childbirth. Finding accurate and applicable information was frustrating, time consuming, and confusing. Although, the internet is a powerhouse of information, sorting through it in regard to my own situation was overwhelming. 

Regaining my health instilled in me a desire to help others bring their health back into alignment. I love the coaching model of helping people uncover imbalances within their bodies that are making them miserable, and preventing them from pursuing their dreams. Lifestyle modification, combined with functional lab testing, is a fantastic duo for recovering your energy levels, zest, and passion for life. This is lifestyle medicine at its finest! 

Running Interference!

 To run interference means to identify and eliminate everything from your life that prevents you from recovering your health.  Virtually every area of your life needs an interference check – your diet, your environment, your relationships, how you manage stress, your attitudes, in fact, every area needs to be accessed to uncover blocking factors that are impeding health. Once blocking factors are identified and removed, a return to health is inevitable.

How you live your life really does matter. But it will take a consistent effort on your part to turn your health around. Change doesn’t happen overnight, but with dedication, time, and a commitment to strategies that foster health, you WILL begin to see changes. Every single positive thing you do for your health tips the scales in your favor and unleashes the healing powers of your body. 

Holistic Cancer Coaching

A holistic cancer coaching program is one in which natural therapies are used to build up the immune system so your body can heal itself.  Since cancer is a multi-faceted disease, and a condition that has taken years to develop, it will involve a number of different strategies. There are a wide range of incredible alternative cancer therapies you can utilize right from the comfort of your own home and on your own time schedule. I’ll work together with you to determine which ones are the best suited for your situation, your lifestyle, and your budget. It’s time to take back your power. You are the primary driver of your health. That’s how it was meant to be.

Please contact me for a complimentary consultation. Let’s run interference together! It’s easier as a team…

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HHP: Holistic Health Practitioner (American Association of Drugless Practitioners)

FDN: Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner

CMTA – Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor

Holistic Cancer Coach

Licensed Minister with the International Apostolic Council

Certified Pilates Instructor (Reformer)

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