Benefits Of Using A Lymphatic Drainage System From Home

The human body has a built-in drainage system called the lymphatic system. This system maintains fluid balance, producing and transporting lymph from the tissues to the bloodstream. The lymphatic system is actually a subset of both the circulatory and immune systems. If it’s not functioning correctly, you’ll feel puffy, toxic, and lethargic. Using a lymphatic drainage system from home is a great way of stimulating the lymph to drain properly.

Functions of The Lymph System?

The lymphatic system is absolutely vital for detoxification and healthy immune function. The body disposes of waste via the lymphatics, a complex network of ducts, vessels, and nodes. Lymph vessels are spread throughout the body, moving fluid between tissues and cells, similar to how the cardiovascular system has blood vessels that transport blood. Lymph is a colorless fluid that contains within it immune cells and waste.

A primary function of the lymph system is to return fluids back to the bloodstream. Fluid, or plasma, leaks from the tiny capillaries within the circulatory system, and accumulates in the interstitial space between cells. The majority of this interstitial fluid is reabsorbed by the blood vessels, with the lymphatic system draining the remainder of the fluid, emptying it back into the bloodstream.

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Lymph nodes, connected by lymphatic vessels, are small structures that contain white blood cells, or lymphocytes. These immune cells trap pathogenic organisms, such as bacteria, viruses, and cancer cells, filtering and flushing out waste from the body. White blood cells, made in the thymus, spleen, and bone marrow, all lymphatic organs, are transported in the lymph.

If the lymph becomes congested, fluid accumulates, causing lymphatic flow to become sluggish. The fluid backup can lead to a myriad of symptoms, including reduced immune function and edema.  Congestion of the lymph can be caused by a lack of movement, an unhealthy diet, chronic stress, environmental toxicity, hormonal imbalances, injuries, surgery, cancer, and aging.


Lymphedema is caused by the failure of the lymphatic system to effectively drain lymph. This failure causes swelling in an arm or leg, or both. Blockages within the lymphatics can prevent the drainage of lymph, causing fluid buildup and swelling. Lymphedema can be primary or secondary, with secondary lymphedema being the most common.

The condition is referred to as secondary because it’s usually caused by another condition or disease. Secondary lymphedema can be the result of surgery, or any procedure which incurs damage to the vessels or nodes within the lymphatic system. Parasites and infections can also impede lymph flow, as can cancerous tumors. Radiation therapy has the potential to inflame and scar lymph vessels and nodes, leading to secondary lymphedema.

Cancer, and conventional cancer treatments, are risk factors for secondary lymphedema, as is obesity, age, and both psoriatic and rheumatoid arthritis. Primary lymphedema is rare, caused by a developmental problem within the lymph vessels themselves. There may be a genetic component to lymphedema.

Serious complications can result from untreated lymphedema, such as bacterial skin infections, and lymphangiosarcoma, a soft-tissue cancer. A healthy lymphatic system is critical for good health. Therapy with the Lymphstar Essence has shown great success in the treatment of lymphedema.

The Lymphstar Essence

The Lymphstar Essence therapy system is a lymphatic drainage device designed for people who want to improve lymphatic flow, circulation and detoxification from home. The Essence emits subtle energies that match the vibrational energies of cells and systems within the body, creating a therapeutic energy massage that includes vibrational sonic waves, electro-pressure, and an electro-static field.

The device is compact, measuring just 11″ by 9″ by 5,” making it portable and convenient for travel or for use at other locations. It has three frequency controls, enabling pulsation adjustment from either stimulation or decongestive. The system includes two application heads, a contour body brush, a 24-voltage international power supply, two DVDs, a user’s manual, a six-foot power cord, and a padded bag for carrying.

Optional therapy heads are also available. The device itself comes with a two-year warranty, and a one-year warranty specifically on the therapy heads. Financing is available. The Lymphstar Essence is contraindicated for people who have a pacemaker, have blood clots, congestive heart failure, unexplained calf pain, or who are pregnant. The system is used by massage, lymphatic, and physical therapists, chiropractors, aestheticians, and body workers.

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Conditions That Are Helped By A Lymphatic Drainage System

The Lymphstar Essence is for anyone who has:

Benefits Of Using A Lymphatic Drainage System

Improved lymph flow and increased detoxification promotes the production of collagen, the skin’s main structural protein. More collagen means firmer skin, fewer wrinkles, and a rejuvenated complexion. The reduction in swelling and edema will take 10 years of your face, making the Essence not only a lymphatic device, but an incredible beauty and anti-aging system.

  • Aids in hormonal balance
  • Boosts immune function
  • Improves circulation
  • Accelerates detoxification
  • Decreases edema
  • Reduces stress
  • Accelerates healing of injuries
  • Decreases pain
  • Rejuvenates the skin
  • Anti-aging
  • Increases vitality
  • Aids fibrotic conditions
  • Promotes relaxation

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Key Points

The Lymphstar Essence lymphatic therapy system is designed for people who want to stimulate their lymph systems from home. If your lymphatics aren’t working properly, you’ll feel puffy, sluggish, and tired.

Although, the initial cost of the device is rather steep, it will pay for itself in the long run since lymphatic massage sessions quickly add up in terms of cost and time. If your lymph, immune, and circulatory systems are not functioning up to par, and especially if you have lymphedema, check out the Lymphstar Essence here.

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  1. Interesting article on draining the lymphatic system. I am currently undergoing cancer treatments and was wondering, would this system help me?

    Anything that comes around gets me first. Which is kind of annoying as I am the Mom in the house and need to stay healthy to take care of my kids. Any advice on lymphatic draining would be much appreciated. 

    • Hi Jagi,

      Yes, the Lymphstar Essence would definitely help you during your cancer treatment. That is annoying to catch everything that goes around, especially since winter is just around the corner. Your immune system is obviously not working at full throttle. Please learn more about lymphatic drainage. It’s amazing for detoxification, as well as for boosting immune function. Thanks so much for reading:)

  2. Okay, this is a very good post here, and I didn’t know that there was anything like a lymphatic drainage system that one could actually use from home. The Lymphstar Essence seems cool, and I would like to learn more about it. It was really nice to read this topic and to understand all about the lymphatic system and what it does. You seem to be an expert on this discourse.

    • Thank you. Yes, it’s possible to stimulate your lymphatic system from home. The Lymphstar Essence therapy device is effective, convenient to use, and portable. It is a fascinating subject to delve into it. I’m not an expert on it by any means, but sure do enjoy learning about it. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment:)

  3. Very interesting article about a lymphatic drainage system that can be used from home. It sounds highly beneficial, not only for the lymph, but for wound healing and for anti-aging. This is great information, and I’d like to learn more about it. Thank you, I will be looking into the subject in more depth. 

  4. The human circulatory system is quite complex and needs to be checked properly. The improper flow of fluid can cause problems down the road. It’s good to know how to treat it rather than taking harmful drugs. Having a first aid box is good, but having some device like this one would make lots of sense. One can easily run this drainage process for themselves and save the stress of visiting a doctor. I’d love to have one for myself.

    • Yes, both the lymphatic and circulatory systems are complex. The human body is amazing in its design and function. Having the ability to stimulate the lymphatics from home is a huge blessing, and the Lymphstar Essence makes that possible. 

  5. This is a very detailed and excellent article about doing lymphatic drainage from home. This is actually the first time I’ve reading an article on the lymph system that is as detailed as yours. Thanks for the explanation.  The benefits of using a lymphatic drainage system are actually quite varies, and who would’ve known that it Is that important. Thanks for sharing such an informative article. I learned a lot:)

    • Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I’m glad you learned something. The ability to stimulate lymph drainage from home is a huge advantage for those who struggle with a sluggish lymphatic system because massage sessions need to be done regularly, and of course they aren’t free. The ability to do it at home at your discretion is huge. 


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