Holly Knudson, HC, FDN, CMTA

Nutritional Counseling
Certified FDN Practitioner
Certified Metabolic Typing Adviser
Certified Pilates Instructor (Reformer)
A member of The American Association of Drugless Practitioners


I became interested in nutrition and a healthy lifestyle through experiencing my own health challenges that spanned two decades. Hormonal imbalances, thyroid dysfunction, digestive issues, imbalanced brain chemistry and sleep disturbances were all part of my life. Not only was this uncomfortable for me physically, but, my emotional health suffered, I fought depression, and my motivation was compromised, as well as, my confidence. Through education and making the necessary changes not only in my diet, but in my lifestyle choices, I eventually brought about the needed changes to bring by body back into balance. I feel that the knowledge I have gained through my journey of recovering my own health can benefit others, and I love sharing what transformed my life while assisting others to do the same.

My home is nestled at the base of the breathtaking mountains of Utah. I have four beautiful children, one adorably fat grandbaby, and two precocious Pomeranians. My supportive husband is continually running to the store to fetch an ingredient that I need for my latest concoction in the kitchen. We have moved 10 times. Besides my passion for holistic healing, I love Pilates, photography and videography, gardening, reading, and playing the piano. I have been learning the violin for the past two years, and my husband and I play a mean “Red River Valley.” I design handbags in my sleep which I both love and hate. I believe that the art of fermentation can help us heal. My clothing style is eclectic, the seasons give a lovely cadence to my life, and it’s not about perfection, but what you do most of the time that really matters. I believe that age is just a number!