Escape From The Pain [What Is Addiction?]

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Escape From The Pain [What Is Addiction?] Why would any reasonable person willingly devastate their health, destroy their finances, completely obliterate their reputation, burn their bridges with family and friends, and annihilate their dreams of a productive future. It’s a baffling and difficult concept to wrap your head around. It … Read more

The Best Home Remedy For Heartburn Relief

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The Best Home Remedy For Heartburn Relief If you’ve experienced the burning sensation from heartburn, you know how uncomfortable it is. It’s like your entire chest and throat are on fire. You’ll do anything to quench the flame. Unfortunately, over-the-counter products don’t address what’s causing the problem. Check out the … Read more

Is A Concussion A Traumatic Brain Injury?

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Is A Concussion A Traumatic Brain Injury? Are concussions the new silent epidemic? The National Institutes of Health states there are four million sports-related and recreational concussions annually, and that’s not factoring in car crashes and falls, increasing that number exponentially. The good news is most concussions are mild, with … Read more

Facts About Magnesium You May Not Know

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Facts About Magnesium You May Not Know Magnesium is hands down my favorite mineral. Without it, the body can’t make energy, muscles don’t relax, and calcium builds up, leading to a host of unwanted effects. You’ll have symptoms if you’re deficient in this vital mineral, although you may not correlate … Read more

What Is MARCoNS?


What Is MARCoNS? When I tell you what MARCoNS stands for you’ll understand why it’s referred to by an acronym. MARCoNS stands for Multiple Antibiotic Resistant Coagulase Negative Staphylococci. What this means in layman’s terms is a staph infection in the nasal cavity that is resistant to antibiotics. Melanocyte Stimulating … Read more

How To Become An Expert At Anything

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 How To Become An Expert At Anything Do you want to be an expert at something? Maybe you already are. Is there a field of study you’re interested in, a sport you’re passionate about, or a musical instrument you’d like to master? An expert is someone with extensive knowledge or … Read more

The Benefits Of Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice Root

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The Benefits Of Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice Root DGL, or deglycyrrhizinated licorice root, is one of my favorite supplements. It heals stomach ulcers, promotes healthy digestion, and alleviates GERD, which is so prevalent in today’s society. And it does all this without interfering with cortisol levels. DGL is powerful because it doesn’t … Read more

What Is Tinea Versicolor?

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What Is Tinea Versicolor? What is Tinea Versicolor? It’s a mouthful to say. It’s also called Pityriasis Versicolor or Dermatomycosis Furfuracea, which is even harder to pronounce. In certain parts of South Asia, it’s referred to as Peter Elam’s Disease.  Tinea Versicolor is a fungal infection of the skin, resulting … Read more

S. Boulardii [The Healthy Yeast]

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S. Boulardii [The Healthy Yeast] Saccharomyces boulardii is a unique probiotic used to treat, and even prevent, many conditions of the gastrointestinal tract. It is one of the few probiotics not killed by antibiotics, and aids in maintaining healthy gut flora during and after antibiotic use. S. boulardii is an … Read more

Human Growth Hormone And Intermittent Fasting

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve most likely heard of intermittent fasting. It’s a popular time-restricted eating pattern used to decrease insulin levels, and boost human growth hormone. The results of this double hormonal whammy include weight loss, a lowered risk for cardiovascular disease, increased cognitive function, and … Read more

High Dose Enzyme Therapy For Cancer

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High Dose Enzyme Therapy For Cancer When you hear the word “enzyme,” you most likely associate it with digestion, but you may not realize that proteolytic enzymes are the body’s main defense against cancer. Enzymes act as catalysts for the many chemical reactions that take place in the body, and … Read more

Treatment For Trigeminal Neuralgia

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Treatment For Trigeminal Neuralgia Trigeminal Neuralgia is a painful condition affecting the nerves in the face. It is also called tic douloureux. The human body has 12 pairs of cranial nerves that pass through small holes at the base of the skull. These nerves relay information from the brain to … Read more

Tips To Relieve Tight Fascia

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Tips To Relieve Tight Fascia Fascia doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Do you even know what it is? A web-like structure, fascia is connective tissue that, not only surrounds every tissue in the body, but encases the entire body itself. It is intricately connected to the autonomic nervous system, … Read more

The Benefits Of Hanging Upside Down

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The Benefits Of Hanging Upside Down You heard me right, hanging upside down is good for you. It’s called Inversion Therapy and it can be very therapeutic. One of the benefits is spinal decompression or stretching of the spine. Read more to discover the benefits of hanging upside down. Inversion … Read more

The 7 Stages Of Alzheimer’s

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The 7 Stages Of Alzheimer’s Referred to as “the long good-bye,” Alzheimer’s is one of the most feared diseases, and rightly so. It cruelly robs its victims of their mind and memories. It is grossly misunderstood, costing millions of dollars each year in medical costs, lost wages and long-term care … Read more

Facts About Interstitial Cystitis

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Interstitial cystitis, also called painful bladder syndrome, is a challenging condition that can impact all facets of life. An inflammatory disease of the bladder, it causes urinary urgency and frequency, along with ulceration and bleeding of the lining of the bladder. This can lead to scarring and stiffening. Diagnosing IC … Read more

What Are The Characteristics Of Adult ADHD?

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What Are The Characteristics Of Adult ADHD? Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a complex neurocognitive disorder. The characteristics of adult ADHD, specifically, are varied, multi-faceted, and exclusive to each person challenged by this condition. Not every person has every characteristic or symptom that will be detailed in this post. The … Read more

7 Ways To Self Soothe When You’re Hurting

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7 Ways To Self Soothe When You’re Hurting Can you emotionally self-regulate? This is an important question, and one that dictates how you’ll control your emotions in stressful situations. Self-soothing is the ability to regulate your emotions, stay calm in situations when you’re hurt and injured. Babies do this by … Read more

How Is Rife Therapy Used To Treat Cancer?

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How Is Rife Therapy Used To Treat Cancer? Can light heal? Do certain frequencies kill cancer cells? Royal Rife is the brilliant mind behind the invention of frequency generators. These generators treat cancer by destroying harmful micro-organisms using electrical force. Many alternative cancer therapies today use Rife therapy in conjunction … Read more