What Is Laetrile?


What Is Laetrile? How about B17? And Amygdalin? It can be confusing. Laetrile has been used since the 1950s, as an alternative cancer treatment, with great success. Does it cure cancer? No, but it does fight the disease by targeting and killing cancer cells. It also fortifies the immune system, … Read more


How Dangerous Is 5G - Graphic

How will 5G, the newest global wireless technology, impact human health? It’s a good question, and one we should all be highly invested in because any technological advances that have the potential to damage health, also have the ability to significantly reduce quality of life. How dangerous is 5G and … Read more

Melatonin, Sleep And Cancer

picture of woman sleeping

Deep, restful sleep is essential for healthy immune function. It’s a foundational pillar of health, and is just as important as getting adequate nutrition, and exercising consistently. Sleep is absolutely vital for hormonal balance, keeping inflammation in check, and reducing stress levels. Melatonin is the hormone responsible for sound sleep. … Read more

Mycotoxins And Cancer


Fungus creates mycotoxins, toxic compounds that can cause a host of ill effects in the body, including immune deficiencies and cancer. These toxins produced by mold grow on common food sources, such as grains, coffee beans, and dried fruit.  In this post, I’ll be sharing facts about mycotoxins and cancer … Read more