The Benefits Of Essiac Tea For Cancer

Anyone familiar with holistic cancer therapies knows the popularity of Essiac tea, particularly for newly diagnosed patients. Promoted in the 1920s by a Canadian nurse, Rene Caisse, the tea is comprised of four main ingredients. In fact, Essiac is Caisse spelled backwards. Keep reading to discover the benefits of Essiac tea for cancer.

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Essiac Tea For Cancer

Essiac tea has been widely publicized as an adjunct cancer therapy. The formula was given to Caisse by a breast cancer survivor who declared she was cured by drinking the tea, which was formulated by a Canadian Indian healer. Rene Caisse began making Essiac tea in the 1920s, and giving it to her patients.

She treated people with this cancer-fighting tea for fifty years, and did it free of charge. It’s no wonder she garnered the respect of doctors, renowned scientists, and of course, cancer survivors themselves. Because Essiac tea is a natural remedy, it’s shrouded in controversy, which is true of many alternative therapies. This controversy doesn’t discount its effectiveness, however.

Essiac Tea Herbs

There are four main herbs in Essiac tea. Keep in mind, that in some Essiac formulas, other herbs are added, such as Blood Root, Watercress, Red Clover, and Blessed Thistle.

1. Burdock Root – Promotes healthy gastrointestinal function and immunity. The tea has apoptotic effects on cancerous cells, and may inhibit cancer growth.  It’s also a powerful blood purifier.

2. Slippery Elm – A mucilage, slippery elm promotes optimal elimination and detoxification, while decreasing inflammation. It’s also soothing to the GI and respiratory tracts.

3. Sheep Sorrel Leaves – A cooling, antioxidant-rich herb that supports elimination of waste from the kidneys. It also targets cancer cells, potentially preventing cancer.

4. Indian or Turkey Rhubarb Root – Stimulates and supports liver detoxification and decreases inflammation. The antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, immune-boosting properties of Essiac tea make it a powerful cancer-fighting agent, along with its ability it promote detoxification and cellular renewal.

Health Benefits Of Essiac Tea

A wide variety of health benefits are associated with Essiac tea, making it a therapeutic remedy, for not only cancer, but other diseases including, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, IBS, constipation, allergies, AIDS, and diseases of the eye. Essiac tea is used preventatively due to its immunity-boosting properties, and also to maintain health.

  • Antioxidant
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Immune stimulant
  • Stimulates detoxification
  • Promotes homeostasis
  • Cellular renewal
  • Halts cancer growth
  • Purifies the blood
  • Protects organs
  • Relieves pain

More Benefits

The herbs in Essiac tea elevate the enzyme systems within the body, which is of particular importance to AIDS and cancer patients, as theirs have been destroyed. It also boosts the endocrine system, which in turn boosts immunity, allowing the body to cure itself. This increased immune function is significant because conventional cancer treatments basically wipe out the immune system.

The tea positively affects the liver, which further prevents and fights disease. Not only are the individual herbs medicinal in themselves, they also exert a synergistic effect when used together.

Essiac Tea Side Effects

Essiac tea is generally considered safe, with most people not experiencing any side effects. However, listen to your body as everyone reacts differently, even to herbal preparations. Begin with small doses to gauge how your body will respond. Possible side effects include nausea, indigestion, vomiting, diarrhea, flu-like symptoms or other digestive disturbances.

These symptoms are commonly the result of drinking the tea too soon after eating. It needs to be taken on an empty stomach. The symptoms could also be caused by toxins being eliminated too quickly, taking too high of a dose, or inadequate water intake. It’s also possible that one of the herbs, specifically sheep sorrel, is causing an allergic reaction.

Signs to look for would be an itchy rash, sneezing, or a runny nose and eyes. If this happens, stop taking the herb or cut the dose in half, and note your reaction. If symptoms persist, stop taking the tea for a few days. It should then be resumed at very small doses until one ounce can be tolerated daily. In most cases, this strategy will resolve the problem. No more than six ounces of tea should be taken daily.

Where Can I Get Essiac Tea?

Essiac tea is commonly consumed as a tea, but can also be taken in powder form, and as capsules, tinctures or extracts. You can buy it on Amazon at the links below. The tea can be purchased here. Buy capsules here. And in extract form here. I particularly like using extracts. They are convenient, don’t need to be brewed, have a long shelf-life, and refrigeration isn’t necessary. 

How To Prepare Loose Leaf Tea

Preparing Essiac tea is quite simple:  

  • Bring water to a rolling boil in a covered pot.
  • Add herbs (1/2 ounce) and boil for an additional 10 minutes.
  • Remove from heat, gently stirring the herbs. Make sure to use clean utensils.
  • With the lid still on, leave the mixture to sit for 8-12 hours.
  • Now put the pot back on the burner and simmer, but don’t boil.
  • Pour the tea into a clean quart jar, using a strainer and a funnel, and securing the lid.
  • Refrigerate.

The typical dose is two ounces. This recipe will make approximately 16 servings, and should stay good for up to three weeks in the fridge.

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This video will show you how to prepare the tea:

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Conventional Cancer Treatment Side Effects

Compare the potential side effects of Essiac tea to the side effects of conventional cancer treatment and there’s really no comparison. Extreme exhaustion, vomiting, hair loss, diarrhea, lowered immunity, anxiety, bruising, difficulty breathing, and even seizures are possible side effects of chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation. Many of these symptoms can be life threatening, greatly decreasing quality of life.

Who Should Not Use The Tea?

Pregnant and nursing mothers should not consume Essiac tea as some of the herbs may cause uterine contractions. The tea is recommended for newly diagnosed cancer patients, and not those with fast-growing cancers that have spread.  It’s also advised that patients with stage IV cancer use the tea as a supplemental therapy, and not as a stand-alone remedy. 

Also, cancer patients who have been treated extensively with radiation and chemotherapy, should not use Essiac tea, exclusively. Many patients do, however, obtain much-needed relief from the uncomfortable side effects of conventional therapies when they drink the tea.

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Key Points

Essiac tea is a powerful elixir that has helped many people fight cancer. A combination of four healing herbs, it boosts immunity, promotes detoxification, and decreases inflammation. It is used to treat other diseases besides cancer, such as diabetes, AIDS, cardiovascular disease, and IBS.

It’s available in a variety of preparations, including capsules, powders, and extracts, and can be used preventatively due to its effects on the immune system. If you or a loved one are facing cancer, consider using Essiac tea. It’s affordable, widely available, and has an amazing track record.

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16 thoughts on “The Benefits Of Essiac Tea For Cancer”

  1. Nice article! I never heard of Essiac Tea. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!  This tea sure seems to have a lot of great healing properties. I have always believed in natural remedies as a lot of the man-made pharmaceuticals always seem to have horrible side effects.

    The only question I have is how does this tea taste? Is it at least a palatable flavor so that it is easy to consume? If not, can it be mixed with other teas to make it taste better?

    • Hi Dave,

      The tea does have many healing properties, and doesn’t come with the negative side effects associated with pharmaceuticals. 

      The tea is palatable, and should be taken on an empty stomach so it’s best not to combine it with other beverages or food.

  2. I’m glad to be on your site. This post is really informative. I’ve never heard of Essiac tea. I didn’t know anything like it existed. I’m happy to read about something of such great value. I’ll be forwarding this post to friends and family. It’s highly beneficial. 

    Apart from using this for the treatment of cancer, can it be taken as a health supplement for those not suffering from cancer?

    • Thanks for your comment. Yes, Essiac tea can be used supplementally to maintain health and prevent disease. It’s helpful for many diseases aside from cancer. Diabetes, AIDS, IBS, allergies, and cardiovascular disease are just a few conditions it’s used for. 

  3. Hi, I have really never heard of Essiac tea before or any of the four herbs you mentioned. 

    I am surprised this tea is not a lot more famous than it is. I would love to use it if necessary, not that I want it to be necessary of course :)

    Does this tea work as a supplement or stand-alone treatment?

    • It can be used both supplementally to prevent disease and maintain health, or therapeutically for disease treatment. 

  4. Great and helpful post. Rene Caisse used this method to treat patients for over fifty years without charging a dime! What a great  service to humanity. 

    Essaic tea sounds like a great alternative cancer treatment from your description. It is easy to prepare and has four main ingredients. I will recommend this post to everyone fighting cancer. Thank you!

  5. This is the first that I have heard about essiac tea. I do eat a lot burdock root, but did not know that it’s good for fighting cancer! I have been drinking my homemade ginger tea. It has many benefits, reducing inflammation and fighting cancer. 

    This tea sounds more potent than my version. I am glad I came across your post. How does it taste? I think it cannot be worse than my dad’s homemade Chinese medicine. lol Will tell my parents about this. Thank you for the information!

    Happy Holidays

  6. Thanks for introducing Essiac Tea For Cancer! Kudos! It’s awesome to know that a breast cancer patient got totally healed taking the tea. It’s interesting to know further that four main herbs are blended together to boost immunity and decrease inflammation. 

    The tea is also great for detoxification. I was about to ask where I can get this tea when I saw the link you shared in the post. Thanks for passionately sharing this information. 

    Israel Olatunji

  7. Dear Holly,

    Thanks again for the helpful and informative post. 

    I have came across many alternative cancer treatment methods, but to be honest, I haven’t heard Essiac tea. I can tell you I have gained some great insights from this post.

    Great to hear about Rene Caisse and amazed when I read she did it for free  – Hats Off! Its really rare to hear news like this (Free service).

    I like that the tea is all natural with numerous health benefits. I am going to share your post. The videos you embedded are very helpful.

    Wishing you Great Success!


    • Thanks for commenting Paul. I’m glad my post has helped you. Rene Caisse was truly amazing and a gifted healer. You certainly don’t hear of practitioners today doing that. She was one of a kind!

  8. Thank you for your review on Essiac Tea for Cancer.

    I have heard that Essiac tea has many health benefits especially for cancer patients. My uncle takes Essiac tea  for his diabetes and allergies. It works well on him.

    This information is very helpful. I will pass this information to my relatives and friends.

    • Thanks Christine. I’m happy to hear your uncle is using Essiac tea for his diabetes and allergies. It’s good stuff!


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