Liposomal Vitamin C Review

Liposomal Vitamin C Review

Liposomal Vitamin C Review

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, and a critical vitamin needed for good health. It is responsible for many vital processes in the body. It is inexpensive, effective, and proven to combat free-radical damage, support immunity, regenerate tissue, and promote a healthy circulatory system. Read my liposomal vitamin C review to learn how this superior delivery method far surpasses other forms of vitamin C supplementation.


Product Name: Liposomal Vitamin C

Easiest Place to Buy Ingredients: Amazon (see links below)

Product Effectiveness: Outstanding

Price: Approximately $60.00 up front to make many batches

My Rating: Restructure Review

Humans are one of the few mammals that do not manufacture vitamin C. For this reason, this critical nutrient must be obtained, daily, either through food or supplementation. Vitamin C is water-soluble, and cannot be stored in the body.

Liposomal Vitamin C Benefits

Liposomal technology was developed by the pharmaceutical industry to ensure that their prescription drugs would pass through stomach acid intact. After passing through the stomach, medications go into the bloodstream, and then directly through the cell membrane into the cell. This is possible because the structure of a liposome – a bubble of fat – is made of the same components as the cell wall. This similarity in structure allows nutrients or medications to, essentially, slide through the cell membrane, guaranteeing that the patient receives the full dose of the prescribed drug.

Since vitamin C is water-soluble, it can easily be destroyed by stomach acid if taken orally in a powder or pill, and the absorption rate in the bloodstream is only about 20 percent. The remaining 80 percent concentrates in the colon. This is why high-dose vitamin C leads to diarrhea. Because the cell membrane is fatty in structure, and vitamin C is water-soluble, getting it into the cell is not an efficient process. The liposomal delivery method, however, not only protects the vitamin C molecule while passing through the stomach, but also allows it to effectively slip into the cell where it can exert its effect.

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 Liposomal Encapsulation Delivery Method

This liposomal encapsulation delivery method also allows high doses of vitamin C to be taken and absorbed. It rivals intravenous vitamin C therapy, and some experts say it is even more effective. IV vitamin C drips can be prohibitive as they are expensive, have to be performed by a doctor or nurse, and are time-consuming – they have to be administered very slowly to protect the veins. IV vitamin C acts as a pro-oxidant, producing hydrogen peroxide, which targets cancer cells. Unlike, chemotherapy, it leaves normal cells unharmed, making it an adjunct cancer therapy.

Liposomal oral vitamin C is not a pro-oxidant, but a potent antioxidant, reducing oxidative stress caused by free radicals and infections. This is notable because most illness is caused by oxidative stress making vitamin C an important weapon in any health arsenal. Being an antioxidant, and an electron donor, vitamin C neutralizes free radicals. It also shines at combating infections – especially viruses. Used in conjunction with ozone, there is no infection, the two together, can’t eradicate.

Vitamin C is vital for a robust immune system, and healthy adrenal function. In fact, the adrenals hold the highest concentration of vitamin C in the body as it is needed to produce adrenal hormones, such as, cortisol. If the concentration of vitamin C is low, more cortisol is released, initially a whole slew of negative effects.

Liposomal Vitamin C Recipe

1. 3 TBSP of sunflower lecithin granules powder in 1 cup of very warm purified water.

2. 2 TBSP of Rosehip powder dissolved in half a cup of warm purified water.

3. Blend the two solutions together in a blender for a few seconds.

4. Put the blended solution in an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner for 20-30 minutes – stir often or continuously.

5. Pour into a glass jar and refrigerate.

The dosage is two tablespoons, or one ounce, per day. The best time to take liposomal Vitamin C is in the morning on an empty stomach. Take several times throughout the day if you are treating an acute condition. If you are anemic, take with meals to aid in iron absorption.

Click on these links to purchase organic Rosehips powder, sunflower lecithin, and an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner.

Product Effectiveness

I love making liposomal vitamin C. It increases my energy levels, enhances my memory, and helps me sleep better. I’m also using it for skin care because it promotes collagen formation. I take more when I’m under stress, am anxious, or have eaten poorly. I know it has improved my adrenal function.


  • Easy to make
  • Inexpensive
  • Highly effective
  • Tastes good
  • Lasts longer than an IV drip
  • Can take high doses due to the liposomal delivery method


  • Needs to be refrigerated
  • Difficult to travel with ( is a liquid)

I highly recommend this supplement. It takes a little work, but is well worth the effort. If you are constantly catching what’s going around, whip up a batch of this, and see if you aren’t on the mend in no time.


Vitamin C is a vital nutrient, and cannot be made in the body. Supplementing with it in a liposomal form is a great way to ingest high amounts. It supports immunity, and is especially important to take in the winter when colds and flus are common.

Certain populations need higher amounts of vitamin C. These include the elderly, smokers, those who reside in highly-polluted areas, and those who exercise vigorously. The liver requires vitamin C to process medications like aspirin, Tylenol, and prescription meds. If you’re taking any of these on a regular basis, support your live by supplementing with vitamin C.

In my opinion everyone should be supplementing daily with vitamin C as we are all under enormous amounts of stress.

Have you made liposomal vitamin C? How did it make you feel? Please leave your comments and questions below.







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