Mimosa Pudica For Parasites

Mimosa Pudica For Parasites

Mimosa Pudica For Parasites

Does the thought of having parasites make you cringe? That’s the reaction most of us have when presented with this uncomfortable subject. Parasites are more common than you think,  however, and it’s estimated that up to 1/3rd of Americans are infected. In this post, I want to take about mimosa pudica for parasites.

Mimosa pudica


Since parasites are implicated in many chronic illnesses, it’s important to be aware of the symptoms they cause, the damage they create, and effective strategies to eliminate them.

Mimosa Pudica Medicinal Uses

MP, “The Sensitive Plant,” is a fern whose leaves close when touched, most likely, as a defense mechanism against herbivores. It is also called the “bashful or shrinking” plant due to this characteristic.  MP is popular in many areas of the world, and is native to tropical America. It is both an annual and a perennial shrub. This beautiful plant, with pink or light purple flowers, is also used as a house plant, and has been used extensively in traditional medicine.

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How We Get Parasites

Parasites are everywhere. Typically, they are associated with third-world countries, but those of us who live in the United States are not immune. We get them from contaminated food and water, such as, ponds and lakes, improperly cooked meat, and unclean fruits and vegetables. Restaurant salad bars can be breeding grounds for parasites. You can even get them by walking barefoot as they are transmitted through the soil. They can also be sexually transmitted or contracted through contaminated blood and feces.

Tiny parasitic eggs can be transmitted from person to person through improper hygiene practices such as neglecting to wash your hands after using the restroom. These eggs can be on any surface – door handles, tables, or money – any contaminated surface can be a source of transmission.

Travel to foreign countries is another source of parasitic infections. From single-celled protozoa to long tapeworms, there are many types and varieties of tapeworms. This is why the symptoms can be so varied. People with weakened immune systems are at risk of contracting parasites.

Take measures to make your body inhospitable to parasites by keeping your immune system strong so the bugs can’t take up residence and wreak havoc.

Mimosa Pudica

How Parasites Wreak Havoc

While some people are able to live with parasites and have no observable effects, others become very ill, developing many symptoms, and experience a noticeable decline in health.

Parasites are implicated in many chronic and unexplained illnesses due to the effect they have on the immune system. Their waste products lead to toxicity, and this, along with an already weakened immune system, paves the way for many conditions to develop. Autoimmunity, Lyme Disease, IBS, arthritis, and virtually any other inflammatory condition, can be associated with parasites.

Parasitic infections lead to nutrient deficiencies because they consume the nutrition meant for you  – this leads to hunger, cravings, and weight loss. Eggs from parasites can cause itching, skin and mood disturbances, and trouble sleeping. They can even cause anemia by feeding off red blood cells. They’re nasty!

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Symptoms of Parasitic Infections

Many people don’t suspect parasites as being the root cause of their chronic illnesses, but as you can see below parasites can cause a variety of distressing symptoms:

1. Chronic digestive problems

2. Exhaustion and chronic fatigue

3. Headaches

4. Bruxism or teeth grinding at night

5. Anemia

6. Depression and Anxiety

7. Aching joints

8. Food sensitivities

9. Chronic yeast infections

10. Skin irritations

11. Diarrhea, constipation, and vomiting

12. Unexplained weight loss

13. Unstable blood sugar

How To Kill Parasites With Mimosa Pudica

If you suspect you may have parasites, get a stool test to confirm your suspicions. A parasite protocol should be continued for at least 90 days in order to kill, not only the adult parasites, but also their eggs.

An Ayurvedic herb, MP is 30 times stronger than the best medical drug. The mechanism through which MP works is by paralyzing the pathogens, and is especially useful for liver flukes, worms, and intestinal nematodes. It also removes mucoid plaque, biofilms, and toxic debris from the intestines due to its stickiness.

I like the powdered form, but it can also be used as a tea. Two teaspoons daily for six months should be effective against parasites. Binders are used in conjunction with Mimosa to mop up parasitic toxic debris.

Final Thoughts

If you have been consistently engaging in healthy lifestyle practices for some time, but still have unresolved and unrelenting symptoms, you may have parasites. A good practice is to do a parasite cleanse every year just to be safe. Mimosa Pudica is effective remedy against parasites.

Since unhealthy diets, toxic exposures, and imbalances in the microbiome all create the perfect environment for parasites to thrive – eating healthy and properly cooked foods, drinking clean water, removing toxic exposures, and practicing good hygiene all go a long way to making your body a less desirable place for parasites to inhabit. Ditch all processed foods as these nutrient-depleted “fake foods” depress immune function and feed parasites. Managing your stress is also vital for healthy immunity.

What are your experiences with parasites? Please leave your questions and comments below.


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4 thoughts on “Mimosa Pudica For Parasites”

  1. Day 4 of taking MP pills. I have had more energy these last few days than I have had in years. I used to wake up energetic ready to go, but the last few years I have had brain fog and nothing worked to regain my energy levels…not coffee, exercising or even eliminating alcohol. On day 4 I felt something stringy being eliminated from me, and was totally grossed out. But I’m so thankful I started the MP treatment because I feel like it has saved me and I’m back to my energetic self!!!

    • Susan,
      That is so awesome and I appreciate you sharing your experience. Mimosa Pudica is a supplement we should all be on at some point. Parasites are so problematic. I’d love it if you’d continue to share your progress. All the best!

  2. Can you give me a Canadian supplier for mimosa pudica?
    I’m paying an arm and a leg shipping from the United States!
    Greatly appreciated.

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