What Is The Best Masticating Juicer?

Juicing is one of the best ways to consume fresh produce, and flood your body with vitamin and mineral-rich micro nutrients. Those who juice consistently, can readily attest to the life-giving benefits they’ve achieved through this therapeutic practice. You’re in the right spot if you’re considering buying a juicer, but are confused by all the different options out there. Juicers are a hefty investment so you want to make an educated decision before purchasing. What is the best masticating juicer?

What Is The Best Masticating Juicer - Beautiful Smoothies

Health Benefits Of Juicing

  • Juicing is a quick method to deliver instant nutrition to all the cells of your body. It can be difficult to eat enough greens in order to reap their benefits, especially if you don’t enjoy preparing vegetables.
  • Juice is a natural liver cleanser. This is important because our toxic food, water, and environment is bombarding us daily with more toxins than our poor livers can handle. Optimal liver function is essential for proper endocrine function, fat burning, and stable blood sugar levels.
  • The antioxidants, enzymes, and micro nutrients in juice is an effective adjunct cancer therapy. There is one caveat, however. If you have cancer you’ll want to concentrate on juicing mainly vegetables, as cancer cells love the fructose contained within fruit.
  • Produce that has been liquefied by juicing requires little digestion. People who are sick have compromised digestive systems, making juicing a great therapy as it can provide adequate nutrition for those whose digestive capacity is sub par.
  • The chlorophyll in green vegetables is a great blood purifier, promotes detoxification, eliminates mold, and reduces ammonia in the brain, which is a common condition caused by yeast overgrowth, and certain genetic mutations.
  • Single-gear, cold-pressed extraction
  • Juicing is easy, and cost effective as it only involves the cost of the produce, after the initial investment in the juicer itself.

Centrifugal vs Masticating Juicers

Masticating juicers are far superior to centrifugal juicers in my opinion. To masticate, means to chew. When you chew your food, you are basically masticating it, and extracting the liquid. A masticating juicer duplicates this process by using an auger to remove the pulp from the produce in a type of masticating or chewing action, and no spinning is involved.

Centrifugal juicers, on the other hand, spin the produce at high speeds, grinding the food into a pulp, and extracting the juice. These types of juicers are noisier due to this spinning action that requires a faster motor speed. Masticating juicers are much quieter because of their slower speeds, but they are also more expensive than their centrifugal counterparts, which come with a cheaper price tag, but are louder.

Heat and Enzymes

Juice enthusiasts are concerned about enzyme degradation while juicing. This isn’t cause for concern with either type of juicer as neither produces heat above 118 degrees Fahrenheit. Enzymes remain intact below this threshold. Oxidation is another important issue when it comes to types of juice extraction. Because masticating juicers use slower speeds to extract the juice from the pulp, not a lot of friction is created, leading to less oxidation, and thereby, preserving the micro nutrients.

Masticating juicers produce about 20 percent more juice, and with a dryer pulp. This factor, alone, will save you money long-term because less fruit and vegetables are needed to get the same amount of juice than a centrifugal model would produce. Essentially, a masticating juicer will pay for itself over time. I love using the leftover dry pulp to make healthy crackers in my dehydrator.

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Factors To Consider

I really dislike the noise centrifugal juicers make. For that reason alone, I would not consider buying one again, although, I did use one for years, and appreciated the juice it made. My Omega masticating juicer is far more enjoyable to use, which means I use it more frequently, and did I mention that it’s dishwasher safe?!

Keep in mind that the chute is more narrow in a masticating juicer, which may be considered a drawback for some people because the fruit and vegetables need to be cut into smaller pieces to accommodate the narrow chute. This doesn’t pose any problems for me.  Centrifugal juicer’s have larger chutes, requiring less chopping, but they produce less juice so there is a trade off.

Masticating Juicers Are Quieter

In summary, masticating juices are quieter, more efficient, produce more juice, decrease oxidation, last longer, are easier to clean, come with separate attachments, making them more versatile, and are better at juicing greens, including the many varieties of lettuce, along with wheat grass.

One last feature that you’ll want to keep in mind is the style of the juicer, and how it will complement your kitchen. How big is it and will it fit on your counter? If you’ll be juicing every day, you’ll want to have a set spot on your counter for your juicer because if you stash it in a cupboard you could easily forget about it, and that’s a total waste of money.

Each of these factors should be taken into account when deciding on a juicer. Based on these features, I’ve chosen to review one of the amazing Omega masticating juicers.

What Is The Best Masticating Juicer - CUBE300S

Omega Masticating Juicer  CUBE300S

I call this juicer “The Cube,” and it couldn’t be more awesome. With a 4 1/2 star rating, and 231 customer reviews, the majority of them favorable, this juicer made the grade for all the features I wanted in a juicer and more.

It comes in red as well, which is nothing short of fabulous. I used to have a red kitchen, and would have loved looking at this juicer on my counter top. The silver is pretty fantastic too, and looks sleek, sophisticated, and innovative.

The unconventional design will look great in any style kitchen, and with the name “Omega” attached to it, you can’t go wrong. Omega has been a leading brand name in the juicing industry for decades, and its track record is impeccable.

Each new product it releases is better than the one before, and the CUBE is no exception. Because it is a horizontal juicer, it shines at juicing vegetables and leafy greens. This is one of the defining features that sold me on this model.


Innovative Design

Just look at this beauty. I love the shape and design, and picture how gorgeous this would look on your counter. You won’t need earplugs to operate it because it’s so quiet, and due to the compact design, it doesn’t take up a lot of counter space. The back has a convenient storage area, assembly is easy, and clean up will take you less than five minutes.

Dismantle the various parts, and run under cold water. Pulp will most likely get stuck to the juicing screen and sieve, so use the little brush that comes with the machine to clean these parts thoroughly. I don’t know about you, but nothing is more frustrating than trying to put something together, and the instructions seem to be in a different language.

This isn’t the case with this juicer, the assembly is intuitive, and you’ll have it put together in no time! The exterior is made of food-grade plastic that is BPA-free and non toxic, and the interior is comprised of metallic chrome.

It’s All About The Juice

You’ll love the high-quality juice this juicer produces, and it’s especially efficient at juicing leafy greens, which was an essential feature for me. It will juice ginger root, and its various attachments make it easy to whip up baby food, sorbet, nut butters, nut milk, grind coffee beans, and of course wheat grass.

Less foam is produced due to the slower speeds of masticating juicers, and your juice will be cool because these types of juicers don’t heat up like the centrifugal juicers do. Keep in mind, however, that they are slower. Most centrifugal juicers operate at an RPM of around 3,000, whereas, masticating juicers have an RPM of just 30-40. This slower speed is what makes the juicer quiet, and the quality of the juice so delicious.

And weighing in at almost 20 pounds, the heavy weight is a feature that makes the CUBE both reliable and durable. And due to its weight, it won’t jump around on your counter when you’re juicing, but will stay firmly in place. The first time you lift the CUBE, you’ll realize what a sturdy piece of equipment it is. I particularly like the unique design that is different from many of the juicers on the market today. With a powerful and robust electric motor, and rated at 2 horse power, this juicer can take anything you throw at it!

What Is The Best Masticating Juicer - Graphic

More Cool Stuff

Upon taking your first sip of juice, you’ll be thrilled with how rich and concentrated the juice is. This model yields more juice than the previous ones due to the new adjustable pressure cap, allowing you to control the extraction pressure, and not only is the taste superb, but all the enzymes and nutrients are intact because of the low RPM.

This is why juicing is such a therapeutic therapy, and because of how it’s processed, you can store your juice in the fridge for up to five days without the nutrients degrading. Sometimes your schedule won’t permit you to juice every day. The CUBE is amazingly efficient at chewing through tough plant fibers, and easily penetrates cell membranes, in order to extract the greatest amount of life-sustaining vitamins and minerals.

And what other appliance comes with a 15-year warranty?! This warranty is offered at no additional cost, and is unheard of in the juicing industry. Because of this extended warranty, the CUBE will be the last juicer I ever purchase.  Remember, because this is a masticating juicer, it has somewhat of a narrower chute, so you’ll have to cut up your produce into smaller pieces.

However, the chute on the CUBE300S is not as narrow as some of the other Omega juicers. Instead of the chute being round, like in the previous models, the chute on the CUBE is oval and wider, accommodating larger pieces of produce with an opening measuring 1.5″ x 1.75″. This hasn’t been as issue for me.

Potential Cons

One other possible drawback is that the CUBE is not great at juicing soft fruits, however, the ability to make sorbet will more than make up for this. Throw some frozen fruit in your freezer, and when you’re in the mood for sorbet, run the frozen fruit through the mincing screen attachment.

The CUBE isn’t very efficient at crushing frozen fruit, and hard vegetables like carrots. This juicer isn’t cheap, but if you’re serious about juicing and taking your health up a notch, the investment will be more than worth it.


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✅  Dimensions are 10.2 x 10.2 x 10.4 inches

✅  Total weight is 18 pounds

✅  Square footprint, requiring little counter space

✅  Low-rotation speed at 80 RPMs

✅  Three adjustable settings

✅  6 accessory nozzles are included, along with a mincing cone

✅  Automatic pulp ejector

✅  Convenient top handle for carrying

✅  Attachments are quite snug on this machine

Omega Juicer Attachments

  • One mincing cone for pasta, and sorbet.
  • Six nozzles: including 4 nozzles for pasta, and 2 nozzles for cake and sorbet.

Here are some ideas of what you can make using these attachments.

1. Mince herbs, garlic, scallions, ginger, peppers, and a variety of seasonings.

2. Make tasty and fun-shaped pasta with the four different shaped nozzles designed for pasta making.

3. Sorbet and other frozen desserts make a healthy alternative to traditional sugar-laden ice cream.

4. Baby food can be made for, not only babies, but geriatric patients, and others who need easy-to-digest, nutritious food.

5. The CUBE will also grind your coffee beans for the freshest brew possible.

6. Grind flour for cooking, and boneless meats into ground meats. Pretty versatile, right?

What Is The Best Masticating Juicer - Green Juice

Fruit And Vegetable Juice

If you’re new to juicing and haven’t yet concocted your favorite recipes, play around with these two:

1. Greens With A Hint Of Fennel And Apple

  • 10 leaves of romaine lettuce
  • 1 cucumber sliced. Leave the peels on if you’d like
  • A handful of dandelion greens. Dandelion is pretty bitter so go easy
  • Toss in a little fennel
  • 1 carrot
  • 2 apple slices
  • A touch of stevia

Play around with the ratios until you come up with a juice you love! Everything in this recipe is mild except the dandelion greens so start small, especially if you’re not used to the taste of bitter greens. The carrot and apple add sweetness so you may not need the stevia.

Here’s another delicious recipe:

2. Kale With Lime Coconut Juice

  • 3 leaves of cilantro
  • 4-5 kale leaves
  • 3 apple slices
  • 1 lime peeled
  • 1/3 cup chilled coconut water
  • 2 generous pieces of ginger root

Kale can be quite distinct tasting, but the lime, ginger, and apple are pretty fantastic at camouflaging the strong taste, especially if you’re new to juicing leafy greens.

What Is The Best Masticating Juicer - Crackers

My Favorite Cracker Recipe

You know that super dry pulp you get every time you juice? Don’t you dare throw it away. It will be in a separate container so you’ll have easy access to it, and can whip up some delicious, healthy crackers.  Here’s one of my favorite recipes:

Pulp Crackers With Dried Dill And Flax Seeds


  • Approximately 3 cups of leftover pulp from juicing
  • 1/3 cup ground flax seeds – be sure to grind the seeds or you won’t be able to digest them
  • 1/4 cup raw sunflower or Chia seeds
  • 1 teaspoon sea salt
  • A pinch of dried dill weed


Thoroughly mix all ingredients together in a large bowl. The mixture should be fairly moist.

Roll the dough out on one of your dehydrator sheets. If using an oven, use parchment paper.

Score the dough into even squares. Use a sharp paring knife or a pizza roller.

If using a dehydrator, dehydrate for two hours at 115 degrees. Break apart the pieces, turn them over, and continue dehydrating for two more hours.

The crackers are done when they are crisp so check them periodically. It’s hard to predict how long to dehydrate your crackers since factors like moisture content, humidity, and the efficiency of your dehydrator or oven all need to be taken into account.

If using your oven, set the temperature to 150 degrees or the lowest possible temperature. Some ovens don’t go lower than 170 degrees, which is fine. Cook for approximately one hour or until the crackers are crisp.

Store crackers in an airtight container.

Watch this video for more insights on the CUBE300S. You’ll learn how to take it apart and put it back together.

What Is The Best Masticating Juicer? / Key Points

Although, the initial investment is quite steep, a masticating juicer will last for years, possibly even a lifetime, that’s how durable they are. And how high a price tag can you put on your health? Any therapeutic practice that builds, heals, and repairs is certainly worth the time, money, and effort it requires.

Are in the beginning stages of buying a juicer? Or have you been juicing for years? Let me know in the comments:)

Omega CUBE300S Masticating Juicer

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Ease of Use



  • Juices wheatgrass
  • Quiet
  • Easy to clean
  • Sleek design


  • Cost may be prohibitive for some people

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  1. I used to juice a lot, but got tired of the clean up associated with juicing. I like the Omega Juicer CUBE300S. It makes the clean up process less taxing and offers some great benefits for making the best nutritious drinks. 

     I have since been using an extractor blender, the Nutribullet. How is this different from the extractor blenders? I never heard of a masticating juicer until I read your article. Do you have a article explaining the difference between a masticating juicer and a blender like Nutribullet?

    • Jamie, 

      The Nutribullet is more of a blender, while the CUBE300S is a powerful juicer. Both blending and juicing play an important role in a healthy lifestyle. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  2. Oh gosh! I read your title – I don’t even know what “Masticating” means. I do like education and self improvement though, so I had to read on to find out.  Luckily you had a section on centrifugal v masticating juicers to help me out.  Now I know that masticating means to “chew” or something similar. 

     I can appreciate how this different technique would result in a higher juice yield and help people save money long term. I think it’s a great idea that you made healthy crackers with the pulp of your juice.

     I like your recipe for Greens With A Hint Of Fennel And Apple. I really like fennel and think that it’s actually quite refreshing on a summer’s day. The juicer you listed had lots of attachments. I was just wondering if it takes up a lot of benchspace at all?

    • I’m glad you like the juice and cracker recipe. They’re two of my favorites. The juicer is very compact and doesn’t take up a lot of space. In fact, with it’s sleek design, it’s a great addition to my kitchen! Thanks for reading. 

  3. The best masticating juicer Of 2018. 

    This article is very extensive and informative. The omega masticating juicer is an amazing one to have at home as you can do so many things with it. Juice is so great for your health. 

     By being able to juice my own fruit at home I will be able to save a lot of money, while still eating nutritiously. 

     Thank you for this great and informative article .

    • This is the juicer I own, and it’s so efficient and easy to use. And the clean up is a snap! It is so great to be able to juice at home, while saving money. Thank you for reading!

  4. Hi Holly,

    Thanks for providing the detailed and balanced review of the masticating juicer versus the centrifugal style juicer. I am a novice at juicing but trying to do the research to educate myself prior to making a juicer purchase for myself.

    I’m glad that you mentioned including greens in your juicing, other reviews I’ve read stated that greens and very soft fruits will clog a juicer quite easily. Could they be referring to a centrifugal juicer as opposed to the masticating juicer?

    I was also very happy that you provided a few easy and delicious juice recipes, I’m looking forward to trying them.

    Thanks again, I’ll be watching your site for more information about ways to keep healthy.

    Kyle Ann

    • Hi Kyle Ann,

      The omega juicer is awesome at juicing greens and most fruits, just not fruit that is super soft. Fortunately, that hasn’t been an issue for me. Thanks for taking the time to comment. 

  5. Wow, this was some really interesting information!  You know, I never really knew the difference between Masticating and Centrifugal juicers. I just figured you would toss them in and they did the same thing. Very informative.  Thank you for sharing this information. It will help me when I purchase another juicer.


  6. I was searching the looking for a blender and I landed on your site. I thinkk that I’d rather have the juicer because I use a blender for mixing drinks and shakes. I never heard of a Masticating Juicer before but after reading your review. I decided to go ahead and buy the Omega CUBE300S Masticating Juicer. Thanks for a great review and introducing me to the awesome juicer. I can’t wait for it to arrive!


    • Awesome Jack. I’m so glad you bought the juicer. I promise you’ll love it. I have this exact model and it truly is a great machine, and quiet too. I like juicing wheatgrass and green vegetables with a touch of apple or pear and lemon. Such a great way to get concentrated nutrition.

      Have so much fun with your juicer. Thank for reading my review!

  7. I have never heard the word Masticating before! I just started juicing, its so hard to find good juice that is not sugar loaded. We bought the juicer and after a single use, it had to go to storage. 

    Not only was it noisy but it felt like it was not effective as we could hardly fill in a glass of juice out of the carrots that we had. On top of that was the cleaning up, the mess was everywhere. You have addressed all this. Good information.

    The recipes look great, i’m glad you included these. 

    • Oh no, I’m sorry to hear that your juicing experience wasn’t positive. Masticating juicers are the way to go. You get more juice and they’re quiet, which is a significant factor for me. Store-bought juice is expensive, not fresh, and as you said loaded with chemicals. No thanks!

      If you’re brave, give your juicer another try. That way you can experiment with my recipes. Thanks so much for reading and commenting!


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